Code of Ethical Practices Course
This Code applies to the activities of all Member employees who interact with Stakeholders for the purpose of commercializing prescription medicines, excluding medical devices and over-the-counter products, through interactions between Members and Stakeholders.

Adherence to the Code is a condition of Membership.

  • Enrolled students: 12304
Competition Guidelines

Innovative Medicines Canada and its members meet to discuss issues relevant to the industry. Many of these members may be competitors, creating the potential for anti-competitive conduct. These guidelines are intended to help ensure that activities which may violate Canadian competition law are avoided.

Compliance with Competition Guidance is a condition of membership in Innovative Medicines Canada.

  • Enrolled students: 12297
Vendor Credentialing

Innovative Medicines Canada and HSCN have partnered to provide an on-line recognized Vendor Credentialing program for Health Care vendors.

This program reflects the requirements necessary for Health Care vendors to fulfill the HSCN attestation which is increasingly being required by hospitals and other Health Care facilities.

  • Enrolled students: 12510