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Innovative Medicines Canada is the association of leading research-based pharmaceutical companies dedicated to improving the health of Canadians through the discovery and development of new medicines and vaccines. Our e-Learning program was created in response to our Members' desire to understand and comply with the code and pharmaceutical industry regulations.

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Innovative Medicines Canada members adhere to a strict Code of Ethical Practices that governs all interactions with stakeholders and Health Care Professionals in Canada and is our main guidance for industry self-regulation.


Innovative Medicines Canada and its members meet to discuss issues relevant to the industry. Many of these members may be competitors, creating the potential for anti-competitive conduct. These guidelines are intended to help ensure that activities which may violate Canadian competition law are avoided.

Compliance with Competition Guidance is a condition of membership in Innovative Medicines Canada.



Innovative Medicines Canada and HSCN have partnered to provide an on-line recognized Vendor Credentialing program for Health Care vendors. This program reflects the requirements necessary for Health Care vendors to fulfill the HSCN attestation which is increasingly being required by hospitals and other Health Care facilities.

Do you know your Code?

Our new re-certification module tests your knowledge with real-world situations.

Plus, visit the new Code Review section to find all the Code course modules and case studies, with unlocked navigation and no completion requirements. Jump in anywhere to go straight to the topics you want to brush up on. 

Find both of these new resources on the Courses page. 

We’re putting Ethics in the palm of your hand

Download the Code of Ethical Practices App which is available on all devices and includes interactive features. 





About the Code of Ethical Practices

Ethics is about doing the “right” thing. In a business setting, ethics also involves ensuring that company values are shared and upheld by all members of the organization. Reinforcing ethical principles and educating employees about compliance with ethical codes and the law are ongoing and important responsibilities.

The Code of Ethical Practices is the cornerstone of Innovative Medicines Canada's commitment to ethics and compliance. The Code guides our business conduct and governs our interactions. All of our Members are required to understand and comply with the Code.